A Very Yellow Breakfast: Omelette and Cornbread

A Sharp Cheddar and Kyopolou Omelette with Cornbread

A Sharp Cheddar and Kyopolou Omelette with Cornbread

Maybe it’s just the winter weather, but I was definitely in the mood for something bright for breakfast, and yellow is my favorite color, so I decided on cornbread and eggs. Actually, that’s about all I had left in the house… so more than one reason for this meal.

This is merely a two-egg omelette with sharp cheddar cheese and kyopolou. I simply used the prepared Trader Joe’s variety that they call “Red Pepper Spread,” but authentically from Bulgaria. On the side is cornbread, prepared round from Jiffy brand corn muffin mix. (I substituted greek yogurt diluted with a bit of water for milk in the cornbread, since, *surprise*, I was out of milk.)

A Sharp Cheddar and Kyopolou Omelette with Cornbread

A Sharp Cheddar and Kyopolou Omelette with Cornbread

The omelette was served with a sprinkle of dried oregano and it made for a cheery, basic breakfast… it’s practially sunshine on a plate and maybe great fuel for wintertime Coldplay. :)

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  1. You had me at cornbread! That’s only one of my favorite foods ever!

    Sounds like you need to go grocery shopping. Pick me up some of that spread while you’re out, please. I don’t have a Trader Joe’s nearby. I always try to stop when I’m spending a day in Philly, though. So, I have to remember to get some.

    • I did go shopping, and I just got a new housemate who, like my previous, is a vegetarian from India, so that will probably cause me to make more meatless dishes.

      As is not particularly unusual for their items, our Trader Joe’s has not had this spread on the shelf on my last few visits, but I still have surplus in the cupboard.

    • Ha, a banana omelette sounds worse than a cornbread omelette. :)
      I could imagine an egg breakfast sandwich (if you were willing to make an inauthentic (?) moist cornbread, but still, what are you going to do with the banana other than have it as a photo prop? :)

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