Scrambled Egg with Kyopoolu

Scrambled Egg with Kyopoolu

Food pantry essential of the day: Kyopoolu

(or Kiopoolu or Kyopolou, a.k.a. Ajvar). It’s a relish from the Balkans made of bell pepper, eggplant and garlic. You can buy a red pepper variety, from Bulgaria, for ~$2 a jar at Trader Joe’s where they simply call it “Red Pepper Spread,” i.e.,

Here I made scrambled egg with Kyopoolu stirred in at the end – perhaps a tablespoon per 2 eggs. It’s delicious (resulting in a sort of sweet version of the Iranian dish mirza ghasemi), but I also love it on panini, as pizza sauce, mixed into hummus, etc.

I usually make my scrambled egg like Chef Gordon Ramsay’s Sublime Scrambled Eggs. ┬áRather than creme fraiche, I usually add a bit of sour cream and/or Kyopoulou or tzatziki (sans cucumber).

Beans and Rice

I just made this “Homeopathic Beans and Rice”:
When spicing the broth, so that you don’t kill someone, start with the amount of cayenne pepper that Dave would like to put in, then cut that in half and half again; stir or shake (for James Bond).
Non-believers: apply hot sauce as needed, e.g., Trader Joe’s Jalapeno Hot Sauce.
Based on this:
I used ~3 tsp of cumin seed. (Cumin powder is for losers.)
Oh, and put in a can of spiced, diced tomatoes and top with sour cream or tzatziki and paprika, so it doesn’t look like a pile of sh*t.