Scrambled Egg with Kyopoolu

Scrambled Egg with Kyopoolu

Food pantry essential of the day: Kyopoolu

(or Kiopoolu or Kyopolou, a.k.a. Ajvar). It’s a relish from the Balkans made of bell pepper, eggplant and garlic. You can buy a red pepper variety, from Bulgaria, for ~$2 a jar at Trader Joe’s where they simply call it “Red Pepper Spread,” i.e.,

Here I made scrambled egg with Kyopoolu stirred in at the end – perhaps a tablespoon per 2 eggs. It’s delicious (resulting in a sort of sweet version of the Iranian dish mirza ghasemi), but I also love it on panini, as pizza sauce, mixed into hummus, etc.

I usually make my scrambled egg like Chef Gordon Ramsay’s Sublime Scrambled Eggs.  Rather than creme fraiche, I usually add a bit of sour cream and/or Kyopoulou or tzatziki (sans cucumber).

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