Chicken and Egg Breakfast Nachos

Chicken and Egg Breakfast Nachos with pasilla salsa and jalapenos.

Chicken and Egg Breakfast Nachos with pasilla salsa and jalapenos.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
It was the egg. (Dinosaurs, the ancestors of the chicken, and many other animals layed eggs.)

This morning, I got up late (as usual), saw this beautiful snowy scene outside, and perused two generous online invitations to brunch this morning.  Hmm, shower, dress, find the shovel, … drive the 4×4 to one of these restaurants or just sit my ass on the couch? Guess which one won.


My backyard with the first proper snowfall of the season

For this breakfast I boiled a couple fresh jalapenos, whipped up some scrambled eggs, stirred in some chipotle-seasoned pulled chicken; bell pepper and jalapeno strips (leftover from yesterday’s fajitas); and shredded cheddar.  Then I assembled the nachos on a plate with blue corn tortilla chips, topped with a pasilla salsa (the first I opened from the summertime canning) and a tender jalapeno.

Breakfast nachos on a wintery morning.

Breakfast nachos on a wintery morning.

A pleasant, if not lonely, breakfast on this beautiful wintery morning.
I even eased into the season with some holiday music.

I hope my friends fared as well with their brunches.

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  1. Yum! I could definitely eat breakfast like that.

    I’m super jealous of your snow. It’s been warm here, which I’m trying to enjoy…. it just feels so wrong!

    • Hi Pami! Ya, the snow definitely helps… it wasn’t until then that I played my first holiday tunes:

      The other day I was at a chinese restaurant for lunch and said to a friend that I needed at least another month before Christmas. At the end of the meal, my fortune happened to read, “Get in the spirit of the time,” and about a minute later they gave us a christmas gift certificate, since I’m there about once a week. I’m not superstitious, but it was a help to get in the spirit. :)

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