Chinese Breakfast Burrito

Chinese Breakfast Burrito

Here’s a quick breakfast: veggie Egg Foo Young (with julienned broccoli stalk, chopped red onion, baby bella mushroom, and napa cabbage) with gravy, fresh napa cabbage leaf and a touch of Chili Garlic sauce, all wrapped in a moo shu shell.

Microwaved, from egg foo young prepared last night, and ready in 5 minutes!

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    • Sure, I really liked this; a flour tortilla would work fine too. I thought of it because I’d seen some recipes describe egg foo young as a “chinese omelette,” so that seemed like a natural for breakfast.

      Also, so often bean sprouts are used in egg foo young (which is great – but I don’t have those and they don’t keep for long), but this past week I’ve been using sliced and julienned brocolli stalks in curry, on pizza, and in this egg foo young. Since the interior of the stalk is so white, it even looked like bamboo shoots in the curry, and on the pizza, a friend couldn’t identify what it was, but didn’t object to it :-).

      • Brocoli stalks are such a good idea too! I love Chinese -style dishes like this because they work well with nearly any veggie you have one hand – carrots, bell pepper, cabbage, lettuce, etc. Thanks again! I’ll have to try this. :)

    • Hi Oliver! It’s nice that egg foo young is that it reheats well… not so much the case for normal scrambled egg. I had leftovers again this morning.

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