St. Paul Sandwich


St. Paul Sandwich

Here’s a great sandwich that I had this morning instead of a typical breakfast sandwich: the St. Paul Sandwich; it’s essentially a hamburger made with an Egg Foo Young patty instead of a beef patty.  I was introduced to this sandwich on the public television program, “Sandwiches That You Will Like” some years ago.
Despite its name, the sandwich originated in St. Louis.

To prepare, first make the egg foo young like in my earlier recipe; this time I used leftover chopped Easter ham, thinly sliced napa cabage, and chopped baby bella mushroom.  (I used 4 “large” eggs for 3 patties.)

I served the patty with sauce on a small bun (another Easter leftover), topped with some julienned carrot and a bit of onion, a leaf of napa cabbage, a couple slices of roma tomato, and mayonnaise.

This is a tasty and unique sandwich for any time of the day, but it’s quick to prepare for breakfast or lunch from leftover egg foo young; the patties with sauce will keep for a day or two in the fridge and reheat well in a microwave.

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  1. It sounds great. We usually don’t have time for a “cooked” breakfast but this could be put together pretty easily from leftovers. I’m going to try this pretty soon!

    • Ya, I don’t think the St. Paul sandwich is usually a breakfast thing, but with the eggs, vegetables, and the sweet sauce, it’s nice in the morning. A visiting student that I was hosting arrived late sunday night and hungry, so I made the egg foo young, then had the others leftover for myself. :)

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