Leftover Curry Frittata

I make a lot of curries; they’re flexible and amenable to creativity with whatever vegetables you have on hand. I’m not a big breakfast person, but I do occasionally make a frittata; it’s easier than most might think (and you don’t bother with a crust like quiche), as long as you have a skillet you can … Continue reading

Tomato Coconut Curry

Holy crap, apparently it’s been 2 years since I started this blog, and I haven’t even posted anything yet this year. I certainly have been cooking, and I did make a half-assed attempt at writing posts the last couple months but never published them.  I guess my enthusiasm was low – about blogging, not about … Continue reading

Kohlrabi Curry and Paprika Fish

A friend with a garden plot gave me a nice selection of vegetables that I used for this curry: kohlrabi eggplant onion jalapeno peppers (seeded) zucchini Additionally, I used these ingredients: apple (e.g., Braeburn) oil garlic cumin seed turmeric garam masala salt water homemade yogurt cooked rice I usually wouldn’t add rice into a curry … Continue reading

Colorful Coconut Cream Curry

It’s been a few weeks since my last post, mostly because I’ve been making some old favorites that I’ve already posted and otherwise enjoying the nice weather and summertime. Today’s post is a new off-the-top-of-my-head vegetable curry with a lot of color. I’ve done a number of indian and thai curries, but this one may … Continue reading

Spicy Curry with Catfish

Tonight I made a hot curry spiced with one fresh habanero chili. This curry was prepared similarly to an earlier curry, with garam masala, cumin powder, toasted cumin seed, turmeric, nutmeg, star anise, cinnamon, a spicy chili powder, a thinly-sliced fresh habanero and these vegetables and fruits: onion, garlic, red potatoes, acorn squash, apple, eggplant, … Continue reading

Indian Omelette Breakfast Burrito

Yesterday, an Indian friend said this Indian Omelet recipe “looks legit,” so I decided to try it; the Indian omelette reminds me of the Chinese omelette, egg foo young, and is prepared quite similarly just with different spices and a lot less oil. For my version of this omelette (2 servings), I used the following ingredients: 4 … Continue reading